WINGS AND TEETH. You turn tail, I turn heads.
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Oh yes. Doomtree. Was introduced to this a while back. Jaded is my favorite track out of them. Fantastic.
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Dessa also used to host a science trivia pub quiz in Minneapolis as well.
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I didn't get into much of the other Doomtree stuff, but Dessa's 2010 album Badly Broken Code is one of my favorite hip-hop albums of the past decade. She can't be pigeonholed as a hip-hop artist a hip-hop artist since she breaks with the conventions of the genre so much (as in the beautiful a capella number "Poor Atlas"). I can't wait for her new album later this year.
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If you like instrumental hip-hop, the Lazerbeak/Edison split LP is pretty good.
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While they're not strictly part of Doomtree, I think Astronautalis deserves a mention in this thread given all the collabs with POS, cecil, etc.

Anyway, somehow hadn't found my way to Dessa via POS, but that's now fixed. Thanks!
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Not directly related, but Crunchy Kids are also from Twin Cities. And they mention Doomtree in one song. The album.
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My friend Steve got married a few years ago, and so he rented a party bus for his bachelor party. We all got on and went from bar to bar, and, as the evening progressed, things got stranger and ... sort of lost. I remember getting home, but there are several solid hours that are lost, and not just for me, but for everybody on the bus. Total blackout. Steve and I were at a movie several months later, and he said, you know, apparently we went to Little Tijuana that night. And I snapped my fingers. Little Tijuana! I had forgotten an entire meal we had eatenz2

At Steve's wedding, a met a good-looking fellow who seemed somewhat familiar. We chatted amiably for a while. A few days later, I bought an album by P.O.S., and realized it was the guy at the wedding. I called Steve. You didn't know? He asked. He was also on the party bus. You guys hung out all night!

A few years ago, I was at a Dessa concert. At the very end, from the stage, she cheerfully waved at me. I waved back, confused. Later, I called Steve. Was she on the bus?


At some time on another, I have met everybody from Doomtree on the Party Bus, and forgotten.
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Nice stuff! Thanks for this.
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I'm a pretty big POS fan, but I've never really checked out the rest of the Doomtree crew, so thanks for posting this!
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Also of note, Dessa and POS were both part of the awesome Gayngs collabo a year or two back, along with their friends, Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver, duh), Megafaun, The Rosebuds, and a metric shit ton of others...
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When he's not rapping, POS also is and has been a member of many punk bands (and, apparently, he used to be hostile toward hip hop until he started rapping himself)
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I posted the lyrics from Bolt Cutter on the page of a Facebook friend recently. Said friend is a highly respected poet, and responded with "Now, that. That is POETRY".
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They're just -- they're so good, they're such a tight crew, they work so well together. It's also pretty fantastic to see a crew with a woman every bit as equal as the guys, and treated like a complete equal. I saw them a couple years ago, just after P.O.S.'s record came out, and the show was absolutely nuts. I think I dropped eighty bucks at the merch table, happily.
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