FBI did not test..or..Notify City Hall
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FBI did not test..or..Notify City Hall The FBI has done a lousy job on everything connected with recent events. Why are they so crummy?
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Because they're too busy making sure Leonard Peltier doesn't escape or get pardoned.
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"Mr. Mawn said yesterday that the agency had to investigate dozens of threats, scares and false alarms, and that is how this case was initially treated. Since Sept. 11, when the two planes slammed into the World Trade Center, city and federal law enforcement officials have received hundreds of reports of menace and foul play ranging from bomb threats to chemical attack scares."

Apparently there are a lot of bogus calls from twisted people right here in America. But I really don't understand not taking the threat seriously when it came from NBC. That's very strange. Also, why does this stuff have to be tested so many times before it is positively identified?
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Yet the Justice department has asked for and is receiving expanded wiretap and surveillance privileges so that they can collect more information that they don't have the time or resources to deal with.
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