"The stories of these cases are very painful."
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This is an animated documentary about Mohammad Mostafaei who is an Iranian lawyer in exile in Norway. Mostafaei specialized in advocating for defendants who faced the death penalty and the animation focuses on one of these cases, that of Behnoud Shojaee. The animation features Paul Bettany reading Mostafaei's words, is a part of Amnesty International's campaign against the death penalty.
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"Mohammad cited the recent atrocity committed by anti-Islamic mass murderer Anders Breivik where 69 unarmed young people were gunned down by Breivik. He commended the peaceful behaviour of the Norwegian public who brought flowers, recited poetry in solidarity instead of calling for execution and violent retribution. In fact Mohammad holds Breivik’s “just trial” up as an example.

Mohammad then contrasted this tragic case with Saudi Arabia’s of the death penalty practices. 8 Bangladeshi citizens and 2 Saudis were beheaded with a sword on the 8th October 2011 as they were convicted of theft and murder. Indeed this is one of the most horrific methods of execution."

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That was so sad.
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Yeah, it had me in tears.
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