They write the songs.
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Thanks for this. I just downloaded the Partridge and Rundgren episodes for listening later tonight. Don't worry, they're a safe distance apart on my desktop.
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Okay, what regional accent to Barber and O'Connor have? I'm not familiar enough with such things to place it, but it has to be specific.

Sadly, my American brain is having me mentally see this podcast with Aardman claymation figures. I can't make it stop!
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I was just saying that I need to stop downloading podcasts since I don't have enough time to listen to them, but there's no way I can pass these up. I can always make time to listen to talented songwriters tell stories and discuss the process. Thanks!
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Hippybear - it's Scouse (Liverpudlian)
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Cool! Thanks!
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The Andy Partridge interview is ace.
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These interviews, while being of different quality overall, are great insights into great songwriters and how they view their craft and should be required listening to anyone who writes songs or who is involved in the Industry.

This is a great post about a fabulous corner of the internet I never would have discovered otherwise. Thanks so much for posting!
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