Swiss Holocaust Cash Revealed To Be Myth.
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Swiss Holocaust Cash Revealed To Be Myth. "The tribunal said that it had processed about 10,000 claims in response to the list of dormant account names published by the Swiss Bankers’ Association five years ago. Only 200 accounts — containing £6.9 million — could be traced to Holocaust victims."
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the records were probably long since destroyed/hidden if the bankers really wanted to hoard that money and planned to get away with it. this concept of investigation into private archives easily manipulable over ~80 years is so stupid/naive i can't believe they actually conducted it.
posted by elle at 10:10 AM on October 14, 2001

Well, they got something out of the investigation, as people are already starting to call the whole thing a "myth". Holocaust deniers have just gotten some fresh ammunition, too.
posted by Potsy at 12:17 PM on October 14, 2001

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