Keith Apicary's music video audition
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Keith Apicary auditions for a Kimberly Cole music video.
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I had a bit of familiarity with the Keith Apicary character, and I expected this to be a goof but holy shit Barnatt is a great dancer. I wonder who was in on the joke.
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I love this guy. he was the reason I actually started using YouTube channel subscriptions.

And yeah, I don't know anything about whatever background he may have, but he's some kind of crazy comedy athlete/gymnast. I couldn't tell if that guy who was complaining about being thrown off was serious or not, but you can't really hide that kind of raw ability and I love that a lot of people seemed to get with the whole thing on some level. Not least of all Kimberly Cole, it seems.

I will shit ape bricks if she uses him in a video.
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God damn that is awesome. I guess I'm a Kimberly Cole fan for at least one song.
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Bewildered and browbeaten by so much "nerd humor," I seriously did not expect to love this as much as I did, but goddamn, that guy can move.
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At 2:10, is he somehow wearing a Nintento Virtual Boy?
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At 2:10, is he somehow wearing a Nintento Virtual Boy?

Also a power glove.
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Seriously, I love Nathan Barnatt's videos because as goofy as his dancing gets, in the midst of it all you catch these snippets of actual decent dancing potential and acrobatics and physical feats you see that make you just go, "Holy. Crap." I mean, sure, it seems like he has a couple of main "power moves" he likes to recycle, but dude just does not give a fuck, which is what makes his dancing so much fun to watch. Also his Keith Apicary character name drops Sega consoles of bygone days and Neo Geo nerd and that is something I can get behind 100%.
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And something about some of the poses he does in Going Ostrich... seem unnatural. I mean, the ones that aren't a dummy or something.

Like somehow lying face down in a storm drain seems to have an element of athleticism to it.
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He is a real dancer. Nathan Barnatt was spectacular in Madeon - Pop Culture. Difficult to stop watching that music vid...
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