hundreds dead in clashes in nigeria.
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hundreds dead in clashes in nigeria. apparently more than 200 people have been killed in protests in nigeria in the last 48 hours, but all i've seen are these articles on nytimes and CNN. if anyone knows of more detailed accounts, this would be much appreciated.
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thats just awful.
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AP breaking news: Nigerian Army Restores Order to Kano After Day of Muslim-Christian Violence "Hundreds of soldiers were deployed to restore order and prevent an escalation of the fighting, the latest in a cycle of bloodletting since a dozen northern states, including Kano, began introducing Islamic law, or Shariah, last year. Thousands have been killed in the past year in interreligious violence in Nigeria's mainly Muslim north."
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"Most of the slaughtered were Christians, with many more injured"

There seems to be a pattern emerging that is inconsistent with protestations that Islam is a peaceful religion.
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There are two perspectives one can take on this. One is that this is an unsettling sign that Muslims outside the Arab world are joining in the anti-American, anti-Western sentiments. Another is that, frankly, it's just another day of interreligious murders.

Real9, I've heard of one or two violent Christians in my day. Stereotype much?
posted by dhartung at 12:52 PM on October 14, 2001

I agree with you dhartung that there have been violent Christians but I guess you and I can make the distinction between a religion and it's so called followers unlike some.
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The Nigerian Guardian calls them "anti-American riots" and says eight have died. Police have been authorized to shoot looters on sight.

An article about the on-going violence—since well before Sept. 11—appears at Nigerian Newswatch.

The Nigerian Vanguard has another rough outline of the violence: 2000 youths, under the aegis of the "Muslim Revolutionaries," fought with police and burned vehicles.
posted by Mo Nickels at 1:15 PM on October 14, 2001

Actually, even worse: that should say "police are authorized to shoot rioters on sight."
posted by Mo Nickels at 1:16 PM on October 14, 2001

looks like anti-american riots => sparking previous interracial tensions => return to interracial killings. lets hope the idiots stop - one thing I don't get is why they were outright implementing shariah law, I thought Nigeria was about 40% muslim/40% christian?
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There's a regional divide in Nigeria between Muslims and Christians that, like Sudan, reflects different ethnic as much as theological backgrounds. In this particular state, as Mo Nickels pointed out, there's been a long-running dispute over the intention of the local officials to appoint shariah judges, which led to rioting long before September 11th. (Nigeria's such a huge country that these decisions are highly localised.)
posted by holgate at 1:47 PM on October 14, 2001

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