Sacred text
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Meg Hitchcock creates intricate collages out of individual letters from spiritual and philosophical texts (via).
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Holy wow. Those are lovely! Just making those would be meditative - all that snipping and placing. Thanks for posting this!
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I once cut up a Bible for a collage and felt a kind of thrill from it. Of course, what I did wasn't half as amazing as this, but still, it's pretty incredible to be using material that's seen as sacred.
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Beautiful! Thanks!
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I have recently started fooling around with collage work. This is equal parts intimidating and inspiring.
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She opened up her studio for Bushwick Open Studios in 2011. It's like two blocks from where I live.

Her stuff was beyond awesome and she was extremely friendly and open. Glad to see her work on the blue.
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extraordinary and beautiful! thank you for this...
posted by jammy at 4:39 AM on April 4, 2012

These are beautiful. See also: Kelly Mark's Letraset Drawings.
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