Images from silver and cyanide
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I had to skip the part in the middle where the guy gets sad, but the rest of the video was pretty cool.
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Those huge photos must be amazing up close.

It would be great to have a technical discussion of what it takes to build a truck-camera. The narration, though? "I'm literally pouring my soul into each photo". Pour on, sir, pour on.
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that is the most elaborate cover for a mobile meth lab that I have ever seen.
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Yeah, that's the worst take-it-out-of-context opening ever.
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My heart just goes out to him when the chemistry isn't working. The frustration is so aching when such beautiful images are just within grasp.

What he says about switching to huge wet plates because he wanted to take pictures in a way that no one else can touches a nerve. He's right that every photographer seems to have the same equipment now. The barriers to entry are lower than they ever have been. Doing something different and not easily copied is hard. It makes you take pause before getting deeper into photography.

And the work he does is breathtaking. I want one of these prints on my wall.
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A friend of mine uses wet plate and other old photographic processes and cameras, for anyone looking for more photos and less shlock: gallery / blog
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This video is much better without the mawkish voice track. Really interesting idea though and lovely images.
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This project was created with the same spirit that america was founded on.

Freedom from taxation!
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The images on his tumblr site are gorgeous.

Not sure what's "schlocky" about the video. Looks to me like a guy who's going way out on a limb to create something and he's excited about it.
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Cf. this comment by mefi's own charlie don't surf about his extensive work in the gum bichromate photo process.
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