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There is a small jail on Santa Catalina Island. And apparently, it pays to be sent there, when you're a pro golfer....
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Beats the crap outta pickin' up garbage alongside the highway, tell you what.
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Damn, I wish I could really play golf. I've been to Catalina, and I'd rather be in jail there than at work here, let me tell you.
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I would be disappointed if odd things like this didn't happen on islands off the coast of the US.
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I think this is the way things SHOULD be. That's what the investigation should be about.
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Not really seeing the problem.
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At any rate, this post is good because it was a chance to virtually explore Catalina. There's just something inherently interesting about islands like that where they try to keep the government and culture contiguous with the mainland, but due to the "islandness" (for lack of a better word), but people tend to become island people regardless.
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I know I am totally going to sound like a liberal here, but I almost felt sorry for the prisoner. If I were a true liberal I probably would feel sorry for him.

Seriously, you get arrested for a crime and then you have to go help out the warden with a personal problem? That would be like if I had to go to jail I'd end up fixing this dude's computer. Screw that, let me hang out in my cell and watch cable. Don't parade me around a golf course in my prison jumpsuit. A man has a right to dignity!

Somehow though, I can't muster try pity. Since, I can't wrap my head around pro golfer/jewel thief.
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Having been to Catalina many, many times, I always wondered what the jail over there was even used for, if not just a 12-hour drunk tank. Good on the captain-- he will undoubtably be the toast of the town for his practicality and humanity.

If you're ever visiting Southern California, do take a day (or two) and take the fast boat over to Avalon. Stepping off the boat gets that fantastic, historic, relaxing atmosphere washing over you, and the garibaldi (state fish of California!) that swim in and around the rocks by the boat launch, visible even when you're standing up on the dock, are a great welcoming committee.
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I can't wrap my head around pro golfer/jewel thief.

I know it seems like a weird combination, but you multiclass like that and you end up with this amazing set of bonuses to all your saving throws.
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..."islandness" (for lack of a better word)...

I dunno, "insularity" seems like a pretty good word.
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I can't wrap my head around pro golfer/jewel thief

I like it - it keeps all the rapacious banditry of the 1% contained to TARGETING the 1%. We need more of those.
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Yeah, I find it hard to be upset in the least about this.
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