Alex B.
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Observations, stories and photographs by and of art model, sometime dancer, Alex B. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (NSFW)
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It's nice to know there are some older models still working. I didn't fall in love with her blog but it was harmless.
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What a neat lady.
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Always love to see something like this as a counterpoint to the dark ugliness at the intersection of sexism & ageism in mainstream culture.

Could not stop laughing when it was "nude, nude, nude, nude, gloriously cheesy stock photos, nude, nude, nude, nude..." though. Not to disparage it! It says "professional model" a lot better than a portfolio of nothing but nudes, shows she's got range. Still, lol.
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(stock photo link still NSFW btw, G+'s photo gallery sometimes flashes all of the thumbnails on screen before the main image loads)
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She does indeed bear an uncanny resemblance to Yasmina Rossi.
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She looks so much like a woman I used to work with, weird. Looking at those linked photographs is a good reminder of how narrow most of the nude/fashion photography I see is, which is sad.
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Ageless Fabulosity an interview, and here is her portfolio work.
This lady should be an inspiration to many over 50's. Let's hear it for us oldies. Yay.
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