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Camp Records - "Almost nothing is known about the mysterious 60's record label Camp Records. They released an album and 10 45 rpm records of gay parody songs, most done with effeminate voices. I believe they were issued in the early 60's, as they all appeared in an ad in the gay magazine Vagabond, dated 1965."
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Double. -- taz

Self link coming up:

I wrote an entire musical that was lip synced to these records. In fact, I think this may be a duplicate post, and in the last one I said I was going to write that musical, and then I did.

I can't find the old post, though.
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If you play some of these gay records backwards, they're actually about a man wanting to fuck a woman.
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These queer parodies of mainstream desires have been done for a long long time, there has been some music hall work done that is similar, from london, in the 19th century, and of course Weimar Cabaret, and eventually Black vogueing in the 1980s, i love how glbtq desire becomes its own kind of underground culture, and i am so glad that it eventually was recorded, and released, no matter how small.
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As BU remembers, it's a double.
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