Tiny Transactions on Computer Science
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Tiny Transactions on Computer Science ...the premier venue for computer science research of 140 characters or less.
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Sounded awesome until I saw they were just gathering submissions for some kind of anthology. Why not do it right on Twitter? Better yet, Identi.ca, since that's where the nerds hang out, you can set up your own server and can make the character limits anything you want.
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The way the SC140 went was as a bunch of individual tweets, a few of which later became a download / digital synthesis album.
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Almost forgot, the link to the <140c source code for each composition (if you download supercollider, you can recreate each of the pieces).
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Not much you can prove in 140 characters or less. At that point you can almost assert (don't forget assert.h, hurr hurr) anything as true, or rehash the conclusions of another paper.
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If you look at the rules, they allow for a longer abstract and title. See the example paper.
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This is really silly. The SuperColider thing makes a certain amount of sense, but it has a totally different purpose. A 30 second talk has more value than a 140 character "research paper".
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Is there any actual content here, or is it just an announcement that you could write a 140 character paper for them? It seems like you're just going to get submissions like this:

P = NP. I have discovered a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition that this margin is too narrow to contain.
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