It played ball
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Bedridden, bored as all hell, and finally surrounded by a rare quiet, [John Burgeson] thought about the IBM 1620, and how its algorithmic alacrity bordered on self-learning, and realized, maybe deliriously, that the machine had the capability of making a little baseball simulator.
The Lost Founder of Baseball Video Games
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In Lasewicz's view of it, IBM was a haven for "creative types" who used their technical backgrounds to make fun stuff. "Burgeson's game fits right in with the rest of those guys. He was a product of a very vibrant culture," he tells me. "Makes total sense."
Sometimes the good old days actually were good at times. :)
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As somebody who has spent way too much time playing Out of The Park Baseball, I really enjoyed this. Thanks!
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Fantasy baseball is interesting because it's like a precursor to D&D.

A bit of trivia: Kerouac was obsessed with it.
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