Vangelis Speaks
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Shortly after his concert in December 2011 inaugurating Katara amphitheater in Doha, Qatar [facebook photoset, available to the public], Vangelis sat down with Al Jazeera English anchor Tony Harris to spend a half hour talking about music, philosophy, the state of the world, and his career. It was his first television interview in about 20 years.

More photos of the concert can be seen at this page, along with an account of the event. (scroll down a bit -- hardlinking to individual entries is not available for this website.)
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I love Vangelis' music. I really liked all of what he said. The interviewer on the other had, almost detracted from the interview with his inane questions.
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That interviewer was straight out of the Wayne Gale School of Broadcast Interviewing. He's lucky Vangelis is so laid back.
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I've just been listening to some of his early stuff. Very cool.
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A good blog post on Vangelis.
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Though the main theme from Chariots of Fire was ubiquitous, the entire soundtrack album is a truly great listening experience - - much like the rest of Vangelis' work.
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Was it just.... sounds that piqued your interest?
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Were you... shown the piano? Did you... find the piano?

"...My formal training was nature. My teacher is nature itself. My teacher is music itself."

What does that mean, Vangelis?

"I'm talking to you, you are music. I am music. Everybody's music. It's mathematical equations."


This is my favorite exchange, I think, of all time. In particular, I plan to work "what does that mean, Vangelis?" into at least one conversation I have each day from now until the last syllable of recorded time.
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Remember, folks... the Esper Edition of the Blade Runner soundtrack is the one you need. Accept no substitutes.

I once called Prince's The Dawn "the Sistine Chapel of fan bootlegs". Correction: this is the Sistine Chapel of fan bootlegs.
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I just watched Blade Runner for the first time this week. The music is great.
How do you get an official bootleg?
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I don't think I'll ever make music as wonderful as Vangelis, but I can still hope that I look as much like a Pallas Cat as he does when I reach that age.
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Thanks hippybear - I've wondered off and on for a while what the hell had happened to Vangelis. Will have to hit the links when I get home.
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Yo dawg, I heard you like Vangelis and Microneurosurgery so we got Vangelis to record an 11 hour soundtrack to a neurosurgery course, so you can listen Vangelis while you do surgery.
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MtDewd: check your MeMail.
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I'm a fan and have enjoyed the BR soundtrack for many years, never heard of Esper before today. Amazing amount of patience (or editing) in that interview.
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Damienmce: wow, that's really amazing. I hope those links are still active when I have time to download over the weekend. It's so rare to have examples of Vangelis' "immediate composing" out in the wild!

(For those unaware of Vangelis' method, he composes a lot of things on the fly. I've heard that much of the Jon & Vangelis albums were single-take tracks, improvised on the spot and called finished. Vangelis has this setup which lets him make a lot of layered noise all at once, so he doesn't have to multi-track much.)

There's more about Vangelis and some quality links in the comments to be found in this previous post.
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New to Vangelis here, but I listened to Earth and it was pretty good. Thanks to philip-random for pointing it out.

Also, the Esper edition seems to be on grooveshark.
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I can't listen to Vangelis without thinking of this.
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Here are Matt Stone and Gene Ween talking about Vangelis owning the rights to Japanese Cowboy, from Ween's country album:

Trey: Do you want to talk about what happened on “Japanese Cowboy”?

Gene: We had to give the publishing rights of that song to Vangelis. We realized one day the whole melody sounds like “Chariots of Fire.” So, we went on tour, and we tagged “Chariots of Fire” on the end of it. We had to clear that part of it, and send it to him, and he went, like, “Wait a second, this is a fucking rip-off.” He owns the publishing for the actual studio recording of it too.

Matt: So now he owns the first version. That's actually almost worth it!

Gene: It's actually worth it for me that he gets his royalty statement every month and it says “Japanese Cowboy” on it. He's sitting in Papoupapalis, Greece somewhere with little boy servants…

Matt: He's spreading olive oil all over his fucking hot body, checking out Ween statements.

Here are the songs side by side.
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Oops, and Trey Parker, and Dean Ween's there, too.
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Here are Matt Stone and Gene Ween talking about...

I never know how to take all the homo-bashing from guys like this. Face value? Parody? (Doesn't read like parody.)

It sucks when people whose work you admire say loathsome things.
posted by hippybear at 8:58 AM on April 11, 2012

Thanks for posting this..
posted by danham at 3:11 PM on April 11, 2012

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