Our uniforms are loose, they look flimsy. Night black shadows under the peaks of our caps.
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To whet the appetite for the forthcoming collection of essays No Regrets: Writings on Scott Walker, longtime UK music magazine The Wire presents a 70-minute lecture on Scott [Engel] Walker from Electric Eden author, Wire contributor and No Regrets editor Rob Young.
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Oh not that Scott Walker
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Wow, came to make that exact same comment, italics and all.
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The Real Scott Walker.
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But can he stand up?
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You may be looking for Scott Walker vs. Scott Walker.
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Heh, that tumblr is choice:

There are now two famous people with the name Scott Walker. One is an execrable lump of shit who is the Governor of Wisconsin, and one is a God-like genius. The two should never be confused.

I think those worthy souls who are demonstrating against the vile Wisconsin version of Scott Walker should adopt the other, God-like, Scott Walker’s stirring song “We Came Through” as their rallying call. Using a Scott Walker song to combat Scott Walker - I’m an absolute genius to have thought of that.

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Is that guy real? I saw 30 Century Man a couple years back and thought it was a mockumentary. Then I tried to research Scott Walker and he looked realer than I expected, but I'm still not entirely sure I'm not the victim of an elaborate hoax.
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Yes, it's an elaborate spoof that dilettantes like Evan Parker, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Jarvis Cocker, Robert Plant and other charlatans perpetuate. Shame on them.
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wheelieman: "Oh not that Scott Walker"

That's what I think every time I see a post about, er, some sort of evil politician from somewhere in America.

Is the politician one really more famous than the one from The Walker Brothers over there? Hard to believe.
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Confusion has reigned for the last 6 years.
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