Is the World Food Programme
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Is the World Food Programme the only organization feeding Afghanistan besides our Mighty Military and their super-spectacular food drops? Are either of these even vaguely working? (If those Red Cross donation links are feeling passé, donate to the WFP here.)
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Mildly related link... (from Fark, of course!).
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here's cosma shalizi's webpage and FAQ about the humanitarian crisis. here's what he says about the UN and US operations:

Won't giving food just strengthen the Taliban?
There are two things to be said in reply to this. First, the men with the guns never starve, until there is literally no food left at all. The question is whether other people will. Condemning everyone in order to starve out the Taliban is at once cruel and unlikely to work. Second, theft and corruption are real concerns, but the UN agencies, and some charities, seem to be running reasonably honest and effective operations. The UN, in particular, has been getting food to people, and has the organization and equipment in place to keep doing so. This is part of why we're specifying support for the UN's operations, and not just relief in general.

Isn't the US feeding Afghanistan now with the airdrops?
The airdrops of food and other supplies, begun since the bombing started, are certainly good things. But, even if every package arrives intact and is used, they are only feeding 35,000 to 50,000 people --- less than one percent of those who need to be fed. Reaching the necessary numbers isn't feasible through airdrops; it is through the UN relief agencies.
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