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The Shaggs' Things I Wonder - a guitar lesson for strummers of all levels. OK! Now that you've got the melody under your belt, here's the melody plus second guitar part. And though some might think nobody would really want (or be able) to faithfully recreate the Shaggs' music onstage, those people would be wrong.
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The Shaggs, previously.
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<3 The Shaggs.
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Yeah, before the haters get in on it, I'm going to go ahead and say I also think they are awesome, for all the reasons I and others mapped out in the previous thread.
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Oh, and here's the original Things I Wonder. A thing of rare and luminous beauty.
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It's a Shaggs day, I guess! Earlier today, The SLOG posted a classical arrangement of "Philosophy of the World" by Alarm Will Sound. Neato!
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Is this the thread for people who hate "Imagine"?
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I like how she doesn't use barre chords.
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Hope you don't mind, man. I had to add a Proto Punk tag. These girls were/are awesome and are/were pretty influential! Great stuff!
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I couldn't for the life of me figure out how that rather banal teaching video propagated that other thread, but I certainly approve of this one.
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i couldn't understand the shaggs until i had been through the crucible of jandek. i still don't, really, but i'm not afraid anymore.
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Reading through that epic previous thread about the Shaggs, I was wondering:
Were the Shaggs able to do the crazy mismatched drums-vs.-rest of the band the same way every time when they played live? Or was it just that the drummer was kind of randomly off from the rest of the band?

The weird guitar and vocal rhythms are obviously worked-out, as the vocal and guitar lines often closely match. But the drums almost sound like they took a drum track from a completely different song and mixed it in instead of the original drum track.

But if they were really able to consistently keep "together" but playing out of synch like that, that's just amazing.
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I've had Who Are Parents going through my head on and off frequently in the last year since that post introduced me to The Shaggs.
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Warning: what has been heard cannot be unheard.

I'm going to go listen to some music now.
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This hurts my ears!
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Last Friday night, I attended the Shaggs tribute night at the Bell House in Brooklyn (the three surviving Shaggs were there and took questions) and it was clear from watching the bands that covered the songs that they are very difficult to play -- the drummers looked as if they had the hardest task.
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This hurts my ears!

That is the actual sound of your cochlear cilia and auditory cortex dying.
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