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The Ugly Duckling (YT) or Donald Duck ala Dogme 95. Via io9 (FYI: Gawker Media site)
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Needs more racecars, lasers, and aeroplanes.
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Goofy is perfect.
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Aw, come on, that totally breaks rules 2 and 6.
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This was great. Also don't forget Fatal Farm's different take.
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I don't get why murder and weapons aren't allowed but sex is. What makes something a superficial action according to the Dogme 95'ers?
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Wrong. That is a thousand times more watchable than anything I've even seen labeled D95. Lars von Trier can go choke on himself.

And was Scrooge's name "Joachim" in the short? Where did that come from?
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Also, I think Donald was called "Andres." Maybe this is somehow related to this actually-very-smart youtube comment:

The reason they speak Danish rather than Icelandic is A) to poke fun at Danish cinema, which has for several years now been mostly known for these hard-boiled, socially conscious crime dramas, and B) Because most grown-up Icelanders intimately associate Donald Duck with the Danish language, since the comics were not available in Icelandic until the early 1980s. Entire generations of Icelanders learned to read Danish because of Donald Duck.

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Very pleasingly, Donald Duck is known as Anders And in Denmark
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For context, Disney Comics, and particularly Donald Duck's posse, have a special significance in (non-English-speaking) Europe. In Germany, many of the character names are translated. Uncle Scrooge is Onkel Dagobert, Gyro Gearloose is Daniel Düsentrieb, the Beagle Boys are called Panzerknacker (though Donald Duck remains Donald Duck). The translations in general were artfully done, with a lot of wit and even erudition. Like many of the alliterative names, the translations are the work of Erika Fuchs, whose praise are routinely sung by high-brow newspaper FAZ and the like. Germany (and some other European coutnries) have their own series of "Lustige Taschenbücher", small comic books featuring Donald and "Micky Maus"; many of the stories originate in Italy. Because of these (and Micky-Maus-Hefte), Donaldism may be stronger (or at least different) on the European continent than in the U.S. I imagine that things are similar in Denmark and Iceland.
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And Scrooge is Joakim von And in danish - And means Duck.
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And it breaks rule 5, no optical work, but there are a number of slow motion transitions in the trailer. I'd also suggest it looks like a genre film, so that's rule numer 8 broken.

So it's a 6/10 Dogme film. And yes, I do need to get out more.
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This doesn't translate that well as comedy, but it's an interesting look at Icelandic - Danish relations and the Goofy joke worked well.
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Duckme 95
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I'm disappointed Goofy doesn't have a dude on a leash crawling around the floor.
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