Roger McGuinn clearly gives a folk
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Roger McGuinn was a member of the pioneering folk rock band The Byrds. He loves the traditional folk music he has been performing solo since the band's breakup in 1973. In this interview, he talks to NPR's Neal Conan about his career, his music and why he created The Folk Den Project (previously) - with over 200 readily downloadable songs, with lyrics and chords - to preserve traditional folk songs.
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Wow, that's WAY previously, all right. Almost 10 years ago! Glad to see he's still at it.
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Thanks for this - McGuinn's raga-influenced playing on "Eight Miles High" still makes me stop whatever I'm doing and listen when it comes on, 20+ years after I first heard it. I'm looking forward to checking this out.
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The funniest part of the interview is when the dude is asking McGuinn all these questions that McGuinn clearly doesn't understand or is too addled to answer, and so he just tells him, "Practice, practice, practice."
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Roger's okay, I guess, but I think his brother Jim is much better.
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