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Holy Musical B@man! It's a musical about Batman! Act 1, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Act 2, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Nananananananana nananananananana
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I love Starkid, but why do their shows have to be so LONG?
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Because I hate you all, here's a link to Everything Is Terrible's encapsulation of a 70's Superman Musical.
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I was holding out on posting this cause I wasn't sure just how much I wanted to out myself as a Starkid fan.
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Superman the musical has the immortal line " O Superman! You've saved my life again! " which just Simms up the whole superman Thing in my head.
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Last weekend I re-watched the 1960s Batman movie with Adman West for the first time since I was kid. I remembered it being really campy, so I thought I would just be laughing at how bad it is.

I was wrong. I mean, yes, of course, it's campy as hell, but every absurdity is completely intentional, and the characters always play it straight, never winking at the audience, never making it seem as if they are in on the joke.

For example, at one point in the film, one of the Riddler's riddles is "What weighs six ounces, sits in a tree, and is very dangerous?" and Robin immediately answers "A sparrow with a machine gun!" and every character treats this as a serious answer.

The film is full of moments like that. It is a seriously awesome movie, and if you haven't watched it, you should.
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Pleased to see Lauren Lopez being amazing once again. So far though I've seen nothing to top her Draco.
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Has already been done.
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jcreigh, some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.
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people still read "everything is terrible"
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Was good, quite good, until the Commissioner Gordon character came on stage.

A) They meet when Gordon is a low-level beat cop recently arrived from Chicago, not already Commissioner.
B) Gordon is a bad-ass, at least intellectually, and does not regularly say "ooooh" with 4 extra syllables to emphasize his incompetence and worry.
C) Southern?


Somewhat redeemed itself when B@tman fired a machine gun at the clerk who committed "reasonable delay before returning dollar to register." But then that joke has been done... and quite well, by Disney no less....
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side note, if you don't have time to follow jcreigh's excellent advice perhaps enjoy just the vertically oriented scenes.
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Yay! Thanks for this. I knew they were working on it but didn't know it was out already. Their film production quality has vastly improved.

A little sad that there's no Joey, though.
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