The British Les Paul is no more.
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Bert Weedon of "The Beatles and Bert Weedon LIVE" fame?
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Wow! Only about an hour ago I was watching this BBC extended interview with the Kinks' Dave Davies, who, when mentioning guitarists who he was influenced by in his youth, dropped Weedon's name (a very brief clip of Weedon accompanied Davies' mention). I'd never heard of Weedon, and made a mental note to find out who he is/was. And now this post. Damn! Thanks, unSane.

I recommend the Dave Davies doco, BTW. Aside from a few of their tunes, I'm not a big Kinks fan, but it's a lovely film.
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I'm not a big Kinks fan

/faints with shock
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Well, unSane, of those three, I like shock a lot. As for faints, nah. Now, with is a fun little ditty, I'll admit. Otherwise, hey, who doesn't like this, right? And of course, this. And that pretty much comprises the "some of their tunes", as mentioned above.

Oh, but, back on topic: RIP Bert Weedon. Made it to ninety one, not too shabby.
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I knew I recognised this name when I saw it on the BBC News website this morning, but couldn't think where I'd seen it. Turns out I was remembering Blert Wheedown, the character from Terry Pratchett's Soul Music whose guitar primers help to fuel the musical revolution of Ankh-Morpork.

When you're famous enough that people recognise who you are just through affectionate parody versions of you, you know you must be pretty special. RIP, Bert - may you play beautiful music in the hereafter.
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Fun fact: in that version of the Kinks' You Really Got Me that Flapjax posted, at 1'12" you can clearly hear Dave Davies yelling "FUCK OFF!" at his brother Ray just before the guitar solo. Story here.
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RIP, good man.
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Beat me to it, HandfulOfDust.
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