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"The world's most important story" – A decade of environmental journalism in China, by Guardian environment reporter Jonathan Watts.
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I'm not sure a guy that by his own admission never mastered the language and thinks Danshanzi is "edgy" is the best person to ask, but I do have to agree with a sort of underlying tenet of his speech, the Chinese empire is being built on more of a post-petroleum concept of the future than just about anywhere else I've been. By the same token though, the concept arrived at the party too late. Already China has built its massive cities centered on carbon-age technology and it would be impossibly difficult to retrofit the nation at this point. China may be pushing this technology, but it will be a yet developed nation that will rise on it.
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Interesting article, thanks.
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What is questionable about calling Dashanzi edgy? I think that if one is looking at the past nine years in Beijing that description would be justified.
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