Flash Friday
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Snowball! Friday afternoon has arrived and what better way to celebrate that on a Spring day than with a snowy flash pinball game...
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It's a fun little game. But the screen-scrolling really gets in the way when you have multiple balls going on the board. Balls drop off the bottom while focus is still on the top half.
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Thorzdad, I just kept hammering the flippers in the face of the focused ball being at the top of the screen. Surprisingly, there was still a ball going a minute later down there.
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Yay Pixeljam!

My daughter has her own DinoRun dino. Her name is Daisy. Daisy likes eating the purple ones.
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Are those - baby snowballs...? YAY! No, don't go near the fire, babies, don't - oh. Oh :(
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The music reminded me of A Charlie Brown Christmas, what with the brushed cymbals and piano style. Probably intentional. In any case it suited the game's laid-back speed.
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you should have mentioned this was a pixeljam game cause those things are controlled substances in most states.
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How nice to discover that whatever mad pinball skills I might have had at nineteen, they are all gone.
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