These devices teach me humility
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Engadget's Distro talks to UI guru, Xerox PARC alumni, gadget collector (previously) and Microsoft Research Principal Researcher Bill Buxton about the future of natural interfaces.
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Huh, I sure haven't had that "CAN I COME OVER AND PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS" feeling since I was like eleven.

Also: I am completely convinced this product was designed in the wake of the success of the camera-phone, by way of an Excel sheet with two columns marked [CONSUMER DEVICE A] and [CONSUMER DEVICE B].
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"Definitely not."
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Can we get a mod typo fix before the miscegenation jokes start?

these watches teach us an eyes-free, heads-up method to enter text into our mobile devices

Can I get a hell yeah! My friends don't understand why I kept my Nokia 6822 for years past its best by date. It's because I could talk to people, look them in the eye, and enter their contact info into my phone.

I was reflecting on the transition from analog to digital interfaces the last time I rented a car. The Ford Focus has become much less useful for me than the model years from the 90s. Instead of dials and levers with full stops and tactile bumps to indicate position, everything is a button or menu, with a screen some distance away to track changes in state. So now if I want to do adjust anything in that car I have to take my focus off the road for 2-3 seconds. Go back to the drawing board on that one, please.

I've wanted a device like surface for over a decade for taking the drudgery out of strategic wargaming.
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Too late I guess.
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I hope 2012 is the year of the Wrist-Computer. How I've wanted one for so long...
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Yes, more and more devices will converge in the future, but I just can't see unifying the clock radio telephone lamp with the toastervision microwave.
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I got home early. I told my car to go park itself, told my kitchen to nuke some ramen and make me a cuppa green tea, hot. I told the door to open for me, and had my favorite chair waiting for me in the entry. I told it to take off my shoes and massage my feet, while the D2 unit heated up the tub.

I did all this using my hands-free emotastylus, which operates on theta waves, all the while keeping up a twitter feed with my honey, whose car was driving her home at the time, while her wavicle was re-coiffing her for the big bash down at the club later on this evening.

While I was soaking, Steven H called and asked me if I still wanted to go on a run with him in the morning, so I told the exopod to download a map, and fit me up, so I could keep up with him. I knew I'd be sort of groggy after a night on the town with my honey, but the exopod would let take a nap while Steven and I exchanged beta waves. My honey got home in time to share some ramen, then we took the maglev uptown to meet her parents. They couldn't make the actual trip from the coast, so we virtualed until the wee hours of the morning. Wow. Virtual hangovers are a real pain.

I woke up early next morning for the run with Steven, but my agent had neglected to remind me that it was download day, so I had to spend the whole morning in traction while all the new routines were installed. What a bother.
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then we took the maglev uptown to meet her parents. They couldn't make the actual trip from the coast, so we virtualed until the wee hours of the morning

Are y'all Lannisters?
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Before Bill Buxton studied computer science he was a saxophonist. If the designers of electronic gadgets are looking for a group of people to inspire them to make more usable, expressive and integratable products then people who have been professional musicians are a good choice.
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