Cow Boy Comic
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Cow Boy - the tale of Boyd Linney, a ten-year-old bounty hunter determined to round up his outlaw family. Or as Chris Sims puts it: "True Grit: The Animated Series".
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Okay this is kind of amazing.
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Very keen, thanks! I half expect his gun/horse to become a talking horse who walks on his hind legs, and looks a bit like Hobbes. But it doesn't, which is probably for the best. Then everyone would be talking about the Wild West Calvin comic, which this isn't.

And it's Cow Boy, not Coy Boy.
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Boy's got a simple aggression in him.
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I need more of this right now! I can't wait til May for no dang book...

Thanks, this is great
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I clicked on it, and thought I didn't like it, and now I've gone and read the whole thing. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the cuteness of the protagonist in a serious, violent story. I have to think about this one for a while.
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This is terrific. The dialogue's charming:

"You intend to cause a ruckus?"
"I do not. But the byproduct of my intentions could well lead to ruckus."
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"You commit dumb crimes, Daddy. And you do'em loud."

Christ. I wish I'd said that to my dad.
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Pretty neat.
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I'm a pretty big fan of gritty westerns.

This is the best damn western I've seen or read in years.
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This is fucking fantastic. I can trace so many influences, but it's such an original amalgamation. Watterson, Ware, Schulz, Jeff Smith... I'd pay money for this if it were free.
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Yeah, this is wonderful. Such a great voice.
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What - what - it just finishes there? Where's the rest of it? I want more and I must have it. Does anyone know whether the dead tree version is complete?
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That's just ridiculously good. I think I am required to purchase this, once it's out.
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Ok, I'm not much for comics usually, but this is just excellent.
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I wouldn't have thought this was the kind of thing I liked, but I like it a lot. Comments above are right. Smashing dialogue and style.
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Calvin with an Hobbes gun… what's not to like?
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