La Caita, as always, from the Heart
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La Caita - Calle del Aire

via Rashomon, sorta.

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I did not see Vengo until much later after I had forgotten Rashomon's comment but he deserves a credit all the same.
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Olé! She's magnificent, and that's a gem of a movie. Vengo really pushed me solidly onto the flamenco path.
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Also from Vengo: Naci en Alamo

See also

See also
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And, then, too, also from Vengo, there is La Paquera de Jerez - Chant du Baptême.
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Pretty cool, but I could really use some context.
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I've added Vengo to my list, thank you y2karl!

There was a flamenco scene in Hanna (IMDB) that really struck me. The title character grew up in The Forest in a rudimentary cabin, with a father who refused to tell her about music (he taught her everything else she knows), and a major part of my enjoyment of the film was the character's experience of music in the world.
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Hey, I'm Rashomon. Thanks for the credit. The opening scene of Vengo is quite good too.
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Pretty cool, but I could really use some context.

These all are musical performances from the movie Vengo, which is a mix of a music documentary and drama, made by Tony Catlif, who also made the far more well known wordless music documentary about gypsy music, Latcho Drom.

And here, from the latter, is La Caita singing El Pájaro Negro.

Vengo, the drama, involves a blood feud between two gypsy clans in Andalusia. It is more atmospheric than well plotted but I found the story moving all the same. As for the music, it is mostly flamenco with a bit of Sufi music from Morocco.

The singing and the dancing are non pareil.

And the hand clapping.

And the scene where one of Caco's retainers finds duende in the sound of wind in the branches of a pine.
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Hey, I'm Rashomon, Thanks for the credit.

So, in the comment below the one to which I linked with your name above, which you made in the thread to my Latcho Drom post, now, is it my imagination or did Faze announce there that he was of the Roma ? Now, that would be interesting if true.
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ay, de mi vida! Gracias, no lo habia visto.

not knowing anything about this, one of the equisite tensions for me was expecting that the miltary would take offence and try to outsign the cantora, as they had started a table-thumping refran at the beginning of that clip.

I lived in Spain a few years after the dictatorship starting a year after 23F when anyone in uniform was seen as tainted, part of a system that had caused so much heartbreak. A friend remembers when his uncle was shot dead while drunk one night for signing in Basque on a bus in the early 70's, the dying years of a ioctatorship are often bloody.

as the clip progressed the fact that the guys came over and by the end were joining in the palmeo was awesome! (are they a bunch doing the Mili? they do all seem to be the same age)

thank you so much for putting me onto this!
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sorry, hadn't read one of the links, so they're police. I couldn't make out the uniform.
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They are members of the Legion. As the french "foreign legion". Franco died 37 years ago. Spain is a democracy now. Its Armed Forces are part of the society. Nobody fears them.
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Yes, thanks Dixie666 going back there 2-3 times every year since means I'm familiar with these changes.

I thought other Mefites who weren't might find the insight useful as uniforms in the USA and UK don't have those loaded overtones. Friends and family of my age in Spain and especially older still have a pretty visceral response to uniforms, but maybe that's just because the people I know weren't fachas.
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