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A message from Flat Eric & William Fichtner: French electronic music maker Mr. Oizo has released his Stade 3 EP for free* on his website.

* Free meaning you can stream the songs, or he'll trade you a download link for your email address.

The tracks are also up on YouTube, or you can listen to the whole EP in one go. Visit that video page for links to the individual tracks within the 17 minute block.
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Wow, that is great -- thanks! Mr. Oizo is awesome, and I love the way that his music has gotten odder and odder without losing its fun and addictive qualities. (I'm not so much a fan of his filmmaking -- Rubber was a bad movie, but that's okay because his music is fantastic).

Also I love that you have the option to click "I think it's CRAP" under the EP menu, which sends you to radio-ibiza.com. MANY LOLS
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Also: here's an interview in French with Mr. Oizo (Google auto-translation) in which he gives insight into his music creation (he got rid of his analog gear, and makes everything on computers -- "there are more surprises") and why he titled his prior album Stade 2 (either it's because it was a default computer-suggested file name, or because it reminded a friend of an old magazine, the auto translation is weird).
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Thanks for posting, I had been anticipating this release but had lost track of things and probably wouldn't have found out about this until much later.
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Vimeo is probably better than YT for some of us...
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Thanks. Worth visiting just for the Mac retro presentation.
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okay, how many of you got into cut #4 and thought their phone was ringing? just me? okay.
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Oh man. I remember visiting Mr Oizo's website in 2000 or so (round about when I leeched Analog Worms Attack off gnutella and burnt it to minidisc and fell in love). IIRC it was just a giant splash screen that said "flat eric is dead". Maybe it had a link to the statically-hosted-video or something, but I had no context for what that puppet was or what was their relation. Had no idea he was a marketing campaign. Had no idea Mr. Oizo had creative control over that marketing campaign. Had no idea he was or would be in the Office. I had no idea there was an Independent article nor that the whole thing was the topic of post #1746, or post #1509. Nor that I'd be unable to corroborate these recollections from archive.org because apparently they knew how to use robots.txt back in those days, for better or worse.

Like, I mean, I guess I'm saying that that splash screen had me convinced he had run the puppet through an industrial shredder or something and moved on with his creative career. I guess not, and maybe we're due for a flat eric retrospective fpp. If not though, I'm always glad when I hear about new Mr. Oizo material, when pops up in a mix or something. Thanks for the post, fithly light thief.
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This takes me back. Had no idea there was more, thanks.
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Delightful stuff. Thanks for the tip, filthylightthief!
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