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"It’s a polar bear doing a hand stand in the water." From the blog: The Kid Should See This, which was linked previously.
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Parasites. The answer is always parasites. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
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Oh hai
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Huh, I do that same thing when I go to the beach. Because.

(not parasites).
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Blog bookmarked. For the kid.
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furtive: "Oh hai"

God damn if that wasn't just the laugh I needed. Thanks.
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I love hearing the behind the scenes chatter for nature stuff. The Diaries portions of Planet Earth were always wonderful to me. Of course I love Attenborough and the other narrators and the sound artists that put you in the jungle with the rare cats and lemurs and aye-ayes and the like - but the photographer in me and the lover of people and their reactions wants to hear the internal and external dialogue of the people capturing it. In this case it's the kind of "This is great, are you seeing this" stuff that's fun because their happiness is infectious, but I can also imagine what it must have been like for the lone cameraman stationed in Nepal somewhere to capture the snow leopard, and capturing for the first time, perhaps seeing with human eyes for the first time the hunting and nurturing and playing of a creature that may, for all we know, be extinct in 20 years. Unfortunately I doubt that guy's thoughts are amenable to recording, but at the very least we can have things like this.
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I didn't even know they had hands.
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those seagulls are doing their part as lifeguards too!
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Blog bookmarked. For the future kid.
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I love how they immediately start laughing when the first foot sort of flops out of the water.
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I think he dropped something.
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The polar bear is great! But now I'm utterly obsessed with the Euler's Disk video on that site, and that sound it makes. Blog linked for myself, and I suppose my kid too...
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Oh, bless! His foot pad, when you see it dangle out of the water, is the cutest thing I've ever seen on an otherwise godless killing machine.
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