Space Invader
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In Bed With Invader One night in Paris with street artist Invader (SLYT)
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Anyone know what kind of camera mount he's using to get those "strapped to his body" shots?
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I thought it was one of those GoPro cams.
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Eh I would say because of image quality, bokeh, and low light performance, it's not a gopro camera he's using.

I know there's a name for this type of shot that might lead to the piece of equipment, it's just escaping me at the moment.
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Imho he's kind of stuck. I like the idea of using tiles to enhance public space, comment on it, irritate it, but the only piece that was interesting and irritating was the little statue of liberty and I don't mean the pac man he attached to it. The "invasion" taking place boils down to chumming up with hip kids who call him a legend on … youtube.
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I dunno, I think of invader as more of an oldschool tagger (and one that has found a technique/style that is fairly universally liked) and as such I'm not sure his work really needs to evolve, just continue.
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I, for one, welcome our new tile overloads.
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Would be so much cooler if you added the word "Darth" and removed two letters from another.
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Yes, I often think to myself: "Why isn't there anything about starwars on the internet?"
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Thanks for posting this! I'm a huge fan of Invader, have been ever since I first stumbled across his work in Paris on a trip and then soon after in Geneva and soon after in another town. The thing about his work that's amazing is how well he places his mosaics, in these clever spots that are visible but unobtrusive, like they belong there properly. A lot of Parisian street art is like that, situational, and that kind of thoughtfulness is welcome.

I was just in Paris and a lot of his older pieces in the Marais are gone. The same locations have new pieces on them, these brightly painted wooden cutouts of cartoon characters that looks a little like Q*Bert. It felt like some weird imitation of Invader, I'm not sure I liked them. I wonder who's doing them.

It's crazy how many of these street art guys become legitimate commercial artists. Last time I was in New York some gallery was showing works by L'Atlas. He'd done an authorized installation in Washington Square park the year before. The gallery works were nothing like the beautiful calligraphy stuff he painted on walls, frankly they seemed boring.

Invader has done stuff other than the video game mosaics: Rubik Cubism, at least.

Mesnager has been doing the same thing for 20+ years. I hope he never stops. Simple, lovely.
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There was an invader piece in LA on La Cienega near where I was was awesome to see a space invader on the way to work. Nice to see the process.
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Can we stop lauding wankerscribblers please.
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His cousin is (supposedly) Mr. Brainwash. I wonder how they're getting on these days?
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What are you talking about, GallonOfAlan? Does "wankerscribbler" cover thoughtfully placed tile mosaics? Have you ever seen his work in its situation? Did you watch the fine video we are discussing here? The unauthorized art on the streets in Paris is a long, long way from someone with a marker scrawling their name over and over again.
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Can we stop lauding wankerscribblers please.

No problem.

Thanks for posting this - I can leave the soundtrack, but I find this kind of art fascinating and I like seeing it unfold in documentary form. Invader's work is so great - transgressive but completely unthreatening. The first and last time I saw anything he did (or at least, I'm assuming he did it) was in 2007 on the aboveground part of the Faidherbe-Chaligny métro station. It made me feel like I'd discovered something that was invisible to everybody else, like a subliminal message in the architecture that I was destined to see somehow. It pushed a weird but not entirely unpleasant button in my head.

Oh, look, it's even visible in Wikipedia.
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