Think Of Capitalism As A Very Bad Way Of Organizing Communism
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Capitalism is the worst way of organising Communism, except for all the others that have been tried so far.

(after Winston Churchill)
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They came up with these rules of engagement which guaranteed that lots and lots of Iraqi and Afghan civilians would get killed, but very few of our soldiers. This ensured that they couldn’t possibly link… But they didn’t care, because it was more important to be allowed to have a war successfully than to win the war.

I wish cynical, horrific observations like this weren't true.
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This is one of the best interviews of his I've seen. Thanks for the link.
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David Graeber: I think there was a real crisis period after the eviction. There was a lot of disruption; the larger meeting became incredibly dysfunctional for about a month. It’s really gotten better, and people are starting to refocus. And I think people are getting really excited about things that are going to be happening.

a politic way of saying your 15 minutes are up...
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I'm re-reading Rebecca Solnit's A Field Guide to Getting Lost and it's an incredible book. I haven't read all of this interview yet, but thanks for posting it.
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