U.S. Patent 6,304,886,
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U.S. Patent 6,304,886, from the fine folks at IBM. "The tool comprises a plurality of pre-stored templates, comprising HTML formatting code, text, fields and formulas." (Via Scripting News.)
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Or transitively through MetaTalk yesterday...
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i'm guessing this is a patent for a blogging mechanism. do they actually invent or have a blogging system or did they just file the patent?
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destro: Blogging mechanisms and a myriad of other uses ... I have been using template driven (non weblog) websites for years. Your average website has a single look and feel – the actual page content is the only variable. So, create a standard header, a standard footer, and a placeholder for your content and you’ve got yourself an instant website with a consistent look and feel without hundreds of lines of duplicate HTML. Using a template driven site, you also have the maintenance card in your back pocket – make a change in your header (or footer) and your entire website reflects that change. Templates can be a pain to work with, but I’ve found them to be well worth the effort.
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Blame the US Patents office, not IBM. No business owner would turn down an opportunity for a patent like this, "ethical" or not.

We need more computer experts in positions of legal influence. Whatever happened to the petition to get RMS on the Patents Advisory Commitee? Anyone?
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It takes a lot of effort and legal paperwork to get a patent in, not so much influence. IBM's got the resources and the interest to do it.

...but I am curious to see if IBM does have a blogging system out there that might be better than the rest.

if you are chrish, please do not respond.
posted by destro at 9:55 AM on October 17, 2001

It's been said elsewhere, but patents mean nothing unless they are defended and defensible...
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