That's Cheezies with a Z
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"That's Cheezies with a Z." The inventor of the beloved snack product has died.
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anybody know which came first? the chicken or the egg?

not that it particularly matters
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Wow, that CBC page layout's terrible. Here's one that requires less scrolling. Also, why didn't anyone link to the official Cheezies site? They're awesome, and I'll be picking up a bag on the way home.
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Sooooo... they're like Cheetos, but Canadian?
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never heard of it.

but .
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Sooooo... they're like Cheetos, but Canadian?

Cheezies were invented in 1947. Cheetos were invented in 1948. Therefore, Cheetos are like Cheezies, but American.
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Ah yes I had forgotten about these (it's been awhile since I've been to Canada). They are, as I recall, yummier than Cheet-ohs. One of the many superior junk foods of the Great White North, also including poutine and the Wunderbar (aka StarBar in Germany).

And Crispy Crunch is light years ahead of Butterfinger.

Okay so those are Cadbury and thus more likely British than Canadian but then you have Jersey Milk, a distinctly Canadian chocolate bar which is much better than the standard Hershey's bar for s'mores construction.

This post is making me super nostalgic for Gentler Canadian Times.

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Quick, let's make this about which latitudes we come from!
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The Sunday Edition's documentary on Cheezies is quite charming.
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Licks neon orange dust off fingertips in honor. Thanks for the crunching into puffed cheese-like umami guilty pleasure, James E. Marker.

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I caught part of that Sunday Edition and thought it was sweet that they were doing a doc on Cheezies. I didn't realize it was because the inventor had died. RIP Mr. Marker.

The last bag of Cheezies I consumed was from the cold beer and wine store. It's the only thing I bought while in there. I think the cashier thought I was strange. "Nope, no beer or wine, thanks. Just a bag of Cheezies!"

. <--orange dot
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"Cheezies with a Z." That's Z as in Zed.
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Heretics. Cheezies are nothing like Cheetos. Cheezies are bone-hard and have a density approaching that of lead. They snap with a satisfying crack like firewood chopped by hand, not like a cheese-flavored log of dryer lint.

R.I.P. Mr. Marker. I have several arterial plaques with your trans fats in them.

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Why is it that whenever I see a picture of something like Cheetos or Cheezies I get an intense craving for a snack that I know will make me sick?
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Hawkins Cheezies are my kryptonite. I can ignore all other cravings. But my local shop sells 'em in the big bags.

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We never got Cheezies. We got imitation Cheezies from the bulk bin at what was first Steinberg's, then Miracle Mart.

I believe that makes me and my sister more Canadian than the rest of you hosers.
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Cheezies are so much better than Cheetos. The cheese powder is a burnt orange, not the sunny nonthreatening orange of Cheetos, and eating a Cheezie requires some jaw strength as opposed to the air-puffed nothingness of a Cheeto.

Now I just need to find the Secret Store of Canadian Stuff in Atlanta because I have just been hit by a craving for something I haven't eaten since high school.
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I have a bag of those sitting in the kitchen as I type. Guess I'll go open it and eat it in honour of Mr. Marker..

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"Want a Cheezie?" ...but those aren't Cheezies! They're Humpty Dumpty brand whatever-those-ones-are-called.

Yes, in Canada, we call all foodstuffs that are orange crunchy corn clots "Cheezies." Even Cheetos. Which is a weird thing, really, because actual Cheezies aren't really all that ubiquitous; you usually have to hunt them down. I don't think I ever even saw the real thing until the mid-nineties.

They don't taste very good. But you can't stop eating them. They're like crunchy beer or something.

[Let's pretend I found a link to Martha and the Muffins' "Cheezies and Gum" and linked to it here]

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Cheezies have the same gum-shredding quality as Capt. Crunch. A strong flavour, too. Very hard crunch.

I'm hard pressed to think of another junkfood with its qualities.
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I had a packet only last night. Thank deity for being back in Canada.

. and om nom nom nom.
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Huh, a fascinating culture thread. Those Canadians with their burnt orange, hard as hand hewn firewood, gum shredding cheese cracklings (not the hoser puffs) available in the copycat versions at Steinberg's and Miracle Mart.

Cute eating Cheezies video.

The interesting details one learns here.
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Heh. Nothing like messing with the shreds of skin on the roof of your mouth after a bowl of The Cap'n.
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