But I did not shoot no San-Serif
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I shot the Serif (in-browser game)
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No shitty font jokes
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That aside, interesting game. I can't help but think that someone's come up with a clever way to crowdsource some kind of font classification task.

Also, Qs are hard.
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What's the distinguishing feature of a serif Q and a sans-serif Q?

I'm getting distracted amidst a bunch of games and running out of time a lot but I went through once without interruption for 325.
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I shot the Serif

And they say it is a capital offense.
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Oooo! I unlocked a Director level!
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Qs are easy. If they're pointy, shoot 'em.
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Ugh, I got all the way to Director and then failed on the first screen. I can't move the mouse that fast! Fun game, though.
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Cute, but feels way too much like an interactive eye exam.
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What's so bad about the Serrif fonts? Qs are still hard, even if you look for pointiness.
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Got through all difficulty levels with no errors, but I work with type for a living.

The Qs from serif families usually have more thick/thin variation in the strokes. It would be possible to take a Q from a slab-serif family which would be difficult to differentiate from a sans-serif font, or a Q from a humanistic sans family which would be similar to one from a serif font, but I didn’t see any such trickery in the ones they chose for this game.
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I'm an old Quadex operator. This was fun but pretty much a cinch for us old dinosaurs.

Thanks for posting.
posted by kinnakeet at 7:59 AM on May 3, 2012

Qs are a lot trickier than I suspected they'd be. But whenever I found myself with one letter left, it was usually a Trajan S or I.
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