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Fixation is a prequel to The Company Of Myself (previously). Smoking is a core game mechanic.

Friday Flash Fun, specifically, isn't necessarily accurate, but if you enjoyed Eli Piilonen's earlier somewhat dark and haunting game, you'll probably like this one too. This one is definitely a lot harder in places, but there's a walkthrough here on JayIsGames if you need.
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Misread this as a prequel for In The Company of Men, and when I read "smoking is a core game mechanic," I thought, yeah, probably.
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This was an excellent game until the final few screens in which you had to turn on a dime with a unique control set. The novel controls are part of the appeal of the game, but I wish more game creators had a "non-grind/easy" option on the settings menu. Or perhaps a game that would change according to the abilities of the players ... if the game detects someone going through a room 20 times, I'm guessing that a fair number of people are probably sick of it and just want to advance.
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user92371: I've always liked level skipping as a mechanic for dealing with that. e.g. allowing a player X number of skips per game (usually 2 or 3) but letting you go back and replay skipped levels if you run out and need more. It allows you to skip really frustrating levels but avoids making the game too easy. Also it encourages you to go back and try the levels you got stuck on again once you're better at the game.
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I loved it until the swamp levels, at which point the rain brought the animation down to molasses.

I need a better laptop.
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Kongregate link for those who get insatiable cravings for achievements.
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I love these little flash games that kill time AND tell a story.
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