Women's lib... in space!
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Star Maidens was an obscure and pretty much forgotten British/German low budget (they borrowed sets from Space 1999 ) science fiction televsion series from 1975... On the planet Medusa where the women (naturally all hot) rule over the men, two of the later inferior species escape (including Gareth 'Blake' Thomas!) to the 'paradise' of Earth posted by fearfulsymmetry (13 comments total) 25 users marked this as a favorite
I have never heard of this, although it seems that Ian Stuart Black and John Lucrotti wrote episodes, as they did for Dr Who during the Hartnell era.

So I am all over this.
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There are no real kittens, intergalactic or otherwise, in those clips.

/walks away disappointed
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There are however sex kittens.
You can tell by the hot pants that would make the girls of today blush.
I blushed.

Of course, I noticed the Space 1999 sets first. I think that says something.
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It must be noted that Space 1999 recycled some sets from UFO, Gerry & Silvia Anderson's first non-Supermarianation show. And based on the air dates, Star Maidens must have snuck their 13 episodes inbetween seasons 1 and 2 of Space 1999.
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A show written by men, for men, to reflect the terror and emasculation they were feeling due to the women's movement? Maybe? Am I being joyless? Also, I didn't actually look at any of your links, so I am definitely commenting irresponsibly.
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Possibly I have it backwards, as I just now noticed the title of your post. I will look at links now.
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reflect the terror and emasculation they were feeling due to the women's movement?

You mean like the way that Planet of the Apes was really all about the widespread fear of PETA?
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Yes, precisely. Damn dirty apes!!!

Anyway, I just watched the first episode, and I'm confused, very confused.
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A show written by men, for men, to reflect the terror and emasculation they were feeling due to the women's movement?

Spoilers: The rough conclusion is that people have complicated dynamics, both genders can be useful and it's the cheezy sci-fi of "I'm not a feminist but..." from when women's lib was what they called feminism.

Also lots of embarrassing femme dom tropes about not loving men because is gives them power and demanding to be admired because you're pretty, when if you wanted a proper gender flip she'd be demanding it on her professional credentials like a bottle girl's client. But since the brave male rebels are demanding such radical notions as equal access to education, the campy, goofy show is working from the premise that while ladies are pretty and individual cases of subjugation aren't so bad, being a male housewife ("domestic") is fine if you don't get treated like an emotionless doormat

Plus really bad hot pants are matched by the amusing cut outs the male costumes have, and gratuitous chest shots of muscle dudes- asides from the inexplicable sexy femme police in hot pants and belly shirts (as well as neon helmets), the Space Maidens float around in pretty dresses with gems stuck to their faces, like zazzle acne. And everyone's government is moronic.
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Did those guys just flee into space in a flying radish?
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Oh, wow, this is great!

"Heroines through the ages," he said, scoffing, "and what about the men? Who does the work on this planet? Who builds the cities, who looks after the kids? Who slaves all the day over microwave stoves?"

"Quiet, Adam! That's the way it is, that's the way it always will be! It's a woman's world!"

I was won over there and then. THE LOLS.
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Oh man -- Die M├Ądchen aus dem Weltraum! I remember watching this on German TV as a kid, but I could never could figure out what it was called and nobody ever seemed to have heard of it. I started thinking it only existed in my imagination. Another childhood mystery solved! Thank you thank you thank you.
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Gene Roddenberry was toying with similar ideas in the mid-seventies.
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