Advertising Jingle Earworm Transmission Begins Now
May 5, 2012 7:37 PM   Subscribe houses a library of 1,515 songs from TV and Radio ads, and that’s how my jingle earworm attached. Pretty soon I’d discovered that Barry Manilow used to include a bit he called "Our VSM" (short for our "Very Strange Medley" of songs he’s composed for commercials) in each of his concerts. (Weezer’s a big fan - previously). That’s where it struck me personally how insidously omnipresent these songs were (and are). Pretty soon, the earworm took over. So, I figure, what better way to get rid of a tune stuck in your head than to share it with the rest of the world? So, here goes — I am prepared for your curses. | "A" is for Apple, "J" is for JacksAnd They Call It... Charlie!Break Me Off a Piece of that Kit Kat Bar ...

... • Bust a NutC & H Pure Cane SugarCinnamon... Toast Crunch!CROSSFIIIRRRRE!Double Your PleasureEat some Peanut Butter, every time you can… But Only if it's Peter PanEveryone Knows it's SlinkyExtra Lasts An Extra Long TimeFeelin' Seven UpFever for the Flavor of a PringleFive! Five Dollar!! Five Dollar Footlooooong!!!Free Credit Report (Dot Com)Give me back that Filet-o-FishGood-n-Plenty (Love My Good 'n' Plenty) • Got a Beer Called Blitz, Don't Need No MoreHead for the Mountains, of Busssssch, Beeer.Here Comes WranglerHershey: The Great American Chocolate BarI ♥ NYI Feel Like Chicken TonightI Wanna Pop! I Wanna ShhhhastaI want my Baby Back (Ribs)I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect HarmonyI'd Love to Be an Oscar Mayer WienerI'm a Chiquita BananaI'm a Pepper, You're a PepperI'm a Toys 'Я' Us KidJuicy Fruit Is Gonna Move YaKennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy!Kids Like Kix For What Kix Has GotLet it be LöwenbräuLet's Hum a Few Bars of Nestle's CrunchLevi's: Haw HawLibby's, Libby's, Libby'sLite BriteLonger with Big RedMaxwell House PercolaterMaybe it's MaybellineMentos: The FreshmakerMy Beer is Rheingold, the Dry BeerMy Bologna has a First Name (Oscar Meyer)My Kitty Cat Craves CraveNabisco! (ding)NBCPeek Freans Are a Very Serious CookiePlop Plop, Fizz Fizz, Oh, What a Relief it isReach Out and Touch SomeoneRiunite on Ice; Riunite—So Nice!The Rolling Stones... for Rice Krispies!Schaefer's is the Beer to Have (when you're having more than one)See the U.S.A. in your ChevroletSnap, Crackle, Pop!Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut; Sometimes You Don't.Soup is Good FoodStuck on Band-Aid (Reprise)Thank You For Coming to Loew'sThe Heartbeat of AmericaThe Wonder Of It AllThese are the Good Hours, the Time for GansettTootsie Rolls Are All I SeeTum, tuh-tum tum TUMMMMSWatch it Glimmer, See it ShimmerWe Do Chicken RightWe Love The SubsWe're the Men of TexacoWhat Would You Do-ooo-ooo For a Klondike Bar?When You Say Bud, You've Said It AllWhere'd the Cheese Go? (rejected Pizza Hut jingle by Ween)Wu-Tang Clan... for St. Ides!You Deserve a Break TodayYou don't say 'Ham', you say 'Spam'You Get the Maxx For the Minimum at T.J. MaxxYum, Yum, Bumblebee TunaZestfully Clean

Please pile your own local or international favorites onto the thread. Examples:Jumpin'! ... Bade Kaam Ki Masti!Bernie and Phyl's: Quality, Comfort, and PriceThe Spirit of Massachusetts is the Spirit of America1-800-54-GIANTAstros Baseball: Who Says it's Only a Game?

David Letterman unveils the jingles for his show in 1986, and reveals to Paul that all jingles come from Dallas • Behind-the-scenes from Dallas: ‘Patty Cake’: A 1980’s session for ____ BreadHow sausage Rainbow Bread is madeA Radio Jingle QuartetHeart 106.2The String Section Makes Farting Noises

At least I’m not as earworm-obsessed as this guy
Canadian version of that guy
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Yep, it's true, when I was peripherally involved in the L.A. Radio scene in the mid-70s, that one production company in Dallas did the jingles for almost every station that had jingles. And they had lower-cost packages for smaller stations in smaller markets that included standard instrumental backgrounds, the Generic Singers singing things like "More Music" and "Number One!" and then they'd bring the Generics in for two minutes to sing the station's call sign and they'd edit it together and deliver it on a big tape reel. So if the jingles on every station on your next interstate drive sound the same, it's because they are!
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Raise your hand if you ever owned this.

(I still have my copy on cassette.)
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WRT Barry Manilow - if you're a Gen X'er of a certain age, your pre-teen years were filled with the conviction that Casey Casem was the arbiter of cool, and that Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow were the most fantastic rock-and-roll acts every to grace the globe. Why?

Because Mom listens to them. Ardently.

Then puberty hits, and you start forming your own opinions, based on what other teenagers rather than what Mom thinks.

And for the next twenty years, Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow are pretty much synonymous with crap mass-media dreck force-fed to lonely housewives.

But, then, Sweet Caroline becomes the 7th inning stretch song of the Red Sox, and more, Dicky Barret of the Bosstones has "I Am I Said" as his favorite tattoo. So, cautiously, you start to listen to some old Diamond songs.

Shit. Some of these are actually pretty damn good... it shatters worlds. Shifts expectations, opens eyes. What else have I been missing?

And then Barry. Irredeemable Barry. The wimp's wimp, a NYC wimp accent you could butter bread with, inexcusably twee arrangements. Take moment, a deep breath, and then dive back into his discography, examining his songs with a new, neutral criticality...

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And then Barry. Irredeemable Barry. The wimp's wimp, a NYC wimp accent you could butter bread with, inexcusably twee arrangements. Take moment, a deep breath, and then dive back into his discography, examining his songs with a new, neutral criticality...


Lies. Damned lies.

Barry is a showman above showmen. His live appearances give the audience the impression that he's doing an intimate show in someone's living room for all 13,000 of you who happened to show up. And it's each in your own living room, and it's the best party guest you've ever invited.

And all that aside, his songs are actually really fucking good songs. Melodically interesting, lyrically memorable (whether he wrote the words himself or had a lyricist partner in writing), depicting emotion in a non-ironic way, whether it's melancholy or joy. And well arranged, like as well arranged as any Carpenters or ABBA track, both acts who were mocked mercilessly in the past and who have finally received the paeans which are their due.

Sure, he may be a bit corny. But buried under that corn is a musical talent which is difficult to match in any other living songwriter/performer today. He can take the simplest thing and make it touch your heart.

If you haven't seen him live, you haven't really seen anyone truly perform on stage. If you haven't discovered the magic of his recorded music, you're missing out on a catalog which is going to live a lot longer in the world than most of what is popular today.
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First thing I searched for.
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I had one I wanted to share so much, and it was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND on the intertubes. So I uploaded it myself: Pabst makes it - perfect! (I hope that doesn't weirdly count as self-linking somehow)

Pabst used to run these ads back in the mid 50s on the X Minus One science fiction radio show, and I just happen to have listened to a million of them through the amazing page. Enjoy!
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This seems like a vital place to tell people how to kill an earworm. I just read the title of one jingle and that was enough to give me one.

I once read about a neuropsychologist who researched this problem and said that the reason we get earworms is that our memory is trying to fill in the rest of the song from memory and gets stuck in a loop trying to recall it completely. So his suggestion was to find the song and listen to it once all the way through. Since the song is not always available or you might not even remember what it is, there is another cure. Mentally "sing" to yourself a short, familiar, repetitive song with a definitive ending, with an emphasis on the final note. I use "Happy Birthday" (this version seems most effective for me). The idea is that completing one song to its conclusion, from memory, shuts down other looping memories.

Works for me every time. I can't remember the name of this neuropsychologist, or where I read about this cure, but he deserves the Nobel Prize in Medicine.
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hippybear - my hand is up. I've still got my cassette copy too.
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Mentally "sing" to yourself a short, familiar, repetitive song with a definitive ending, with an emphasis on the final note.

I find the Green Acres theme song works great for this. Sing it out loud to yourself complete with the "da-da-da-DA-da.. DA!DA!" instrumental bits, and you'll have driven out the song stuck in your head.

(You may subsequently have the Green Acres song in your head, but... oh well.)
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Barry is a showman above showmen.

He is damn amazing. I was working as a house stagehand in my teenage years, and I saw that Barry Manilow was on my schedule, and immediately started mocking him, with the regular teenage snark about how horrible and square he was.

And then I worked his show, and damn was I wrong in so many ways. He was a total professional as soon as he arrived, and treated everybody, regardless of their station, with a friendly ease you don't see often with headlining solo artists of his caliber. He charmed everybody, from the hungover metalheads running cable & lights to the grumpy union electricians who would give a hard time to everybody, but melted like butter to his request for a few things that were not in the original stageplan. He didn't come off as manipulative, or as a kiss-ass, he was just so appreciative, so damn earnest and excited to perform, you just wanted to help out and make it happen.

I'm not much of a fan of his music, but his skill as a performer and his personal behavior before and after the show were top notch. I stood there amazed as he managed to convince 30,000 people that he was singing just for them alone, and connecting with each person in such a kind, humble, funny and charming way that would make even Billy Dee Williams say "Damn, he's smooth!" He had somehow figured out a way to make each woman in the audience feel special, as if they were on the perfect date, just with him. It was fascinating.

After that show, I never mocked Barry Manilow again. When his name comes up, I'll speak in his favor every time; with the simple respect he showed for me and the other people on the crew, he deserves it. Have whatever opinion you like about his music, but as a performer and a professional musician, he's top-notch.
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Tenser, said the tensor -- tension, apprehension, and dissension have begun!
Earworms - Radiolab
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Great post, and apologies if I missed it up there but what about the Hamm's bear? That's a great example of how to successfully market to kids because between the catchy jingle and the cartoon bear I'll remember that beer forever.
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My mother (as above noted) was a huge Barry Manilow fan. And on his Live! album, he performs the Very Strange Medley. And since it's a live album, you can hear the audience response to it.

And they love it. Sure, this was 1978, and a lot of popular performers of the day didn't talk about their previous work before hitting it big, and they certainly didn't talk about writing jingles, but he did, and he sounded proud of it, too. And the audience really just seemed to enjoy it, too.
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Was out in the sun the other day and it occurred to me that I really needed to put on sunblock. And then --out of nowhere -- the ghost of "Bain de Soleil for the San Tropez tan" came to me. ARGHHHH, earworm jingles. I just can't thank you for this, not_on_display.
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It is a sign of how pervasive those songs are that I can hear nearly all of them with perfect clarity just by reading the links.

And I almost completely stopped watching TV around 1980.
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The Frito Bandito... cringeworthy for its stereotype and yet lyrical and compelling.
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Yesssssss new ringtone.
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Sometimes I think a jingle earworm is like that worm from Star Trek that crawls in your ear and attaches itself to your brain. The effects seem to be the same.
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Yep, I can sing pretty much all of the ones that aired during the late 70s from memory.

You'll always be my first and best friend, TV.
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I was so excited about going through these clips, but I cringed once I clicked on the earworm took over link. That commercial is by far the most annoying commercial out there.

That commercial sounds just as gross as someone scratching their fingernails on a chalkboard or someone loudly scraping a fork against their teeth.
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I cringed once I clicked on the earworm took over link. That commercial is by far the most annoying commercial out there.

That's just not so. Even in the limited world of "Carpeting commercials from Chicagoland," that's not true. The Lincoln Carpets jingle is waaaaay worse.
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My beloved kid sister once lost a bet, and had to perform this jingle at an open mike night. It went over about as well as a fart in a church.
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This still pops up in my head from time to time, even after so many years of living in New York City, even though I left Milwaukee about a month and a half after turning 18.

They really don't write jingles like this anymore.
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Now there is a place just for ME
Food Emporium
Food Emporium
Someplace that believes in quality
Food Emporium
Food Emporium

Anyone else remember that jingle in the NY/NJ area?

Came for the Food Emporium song; leaving unsatisfied somewhat.
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Here it is!
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Co....stanza! I mean, 'by Mennon'!
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"The Frito Bandito... cringeworthy for its stereotype and yet lyrical and compelling"

That's Mel Blanc doing his Speedy Gonzales accent. The ads were animated by Tex Avery.
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Renorac: oh god
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