The Website of the Anti-Taliban Government of Afghanistan,
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The Website of the Anti-Taliban Government of Afghanistan, pre-hack. Courtesy of the The Wayback Machine.
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Burhanuddin Rabbani's government was in Kabul and some sorrounding areas. He was being attacked by other war lords, specifically by the army of Hikmatyar, another Mujahideen general. It was against the atrocities and oppression of Hikmatyaar that the Taleban movement started. First they took control of Hikmatyar's area and then went on to Kandahaar. From thereon they launched an attack on Kabul and finally succeeded.
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Technically, Rabbani remains the recognized head of state, by the UN and many other entities. But nobody is giving him serious consideration in the post-war structure of Afghanistan; he was a compromise leader in the first place. Technically those other warlords had agreed to his installation, but immediately turned on him.
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The Wayback Machine. I hadn't ever heard of this site. It brings tears to my eyes going back and looking at old sites I used to visit (and sites I maintained).
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