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Blown Covers is a blog by New Yorker art editor Françoise Mouly and her daughter Nadja Spiegelman, who is an editor and comics creator herself. The blog focuses on The New Yorker but today has been Maurice Sendak themed with a short comic by Art Spiegelman and Sendak about a conversation they had, a Sendak New Yorker cover, a short Sendak comic called Cereal Baby Keller and an even shorter Sendak comic.
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Oh, forgot one thing. The archive is a very handy way to browse through.
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Looks like it's having some trouble.
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Actually it's working now.
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Oh yeah, looks like the Spiegelman/Sendak comic page is having some trouble. Here are links to the images themselves, which since they're hosted by Tumblr, shouldn't have any problems: 1, 2.
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We need children's authors and illustrators who confront and address:

They believe they've won the fight
They believe I'm gone — not quite
Nothing ever works out neatly
Bullies don't give up completely
One departs, the next appears
And we shall meet again, my dears
Though I go, I won't go far
I'll be back!
     Love, Brundibar
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I believe your last two links are identical.
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Love that Spiegelman/Sendak comic
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Yup! The second to last link was, Cereal Baby Keller, was supposed to point here. In case the servers keep fritzing out, here's a direct image link.
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Mod note: Fixed the link, carry on
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Oh boy, I loved Cereal Baby Keller, thanks! It totally reminds me of early newspaper comics. I was sad to learn of his death via this post (and not the obit post downstream). Thanks for posting this.
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Wow, the Spiegelman/Sendak comic is ... yeah, like psychotic cannibals vomiting into your mouth. Good, though.
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These are great on so many levels. Thanks.
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The last two really remind me of Peter Blegvad's Leviathan (see, for example, "Orpheus" [toth to GregNog].) No surprise, really, given Blegvad's mention of Sendak as a specific influence.
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