RIP Mr. Dupree
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He's responsible for the deliciously relaxed and understated guitar work you remember from Rainy Night in Georgia and the driving chukka chukka whipsnap that propelled Aretha Franklin's Rock Steady, as well as her version of Spanish Harlem. And he's lent his masterful musical sense to many, many other tunes from artists as diverse as Ringo Starr, Archie Shepp, Joe Cocker, Miles Davis and Paul Simon. Guitarist Cornell Dupree has died at age 68. Primarily a studio musician, Dupree was more often heard than seen, but you can catch some glimpses of his Southern-fried six-string artistry on this live version of King Curtis' Memphis Soul Stew.
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Incredibly sweet player.
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Well damn, that's too young. One of my very favorite players.

The celestial band is getting tighter by the day.

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I'm confused; he died in 2011. Wonderful guitarist, though. 2,500 sessions!
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Dupree was, of course, a key member of the King Curtis band. Here's a post I made on King Curtis (includes a little nod to Dupree) back in 2008. With any luck, some of the links are still live.
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I'm confused; he died in 2011

I'm a year late getting the news. Won't be the first time.

Incredibly embarrassing, actually. Hope y'all enjoy the post on its musical merits, anyway, if not its immediate newsworthiness.
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Yeah, much too young. Didn't know his name, did know his music.
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This is sad news but he left us some incredibly sweet music to remember him by. Thanks for the post.
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I can't find any mention of it on Wikipedia or elsewhere on the Internet, but I remember reading in Rolling Stone that David Byrne listed Rock Steady as a major influence on Once in a Lifetime. So Dupree should not only get props for his session, but for being a rhythmic influence of one of the best songs of the 1980s.

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Looking through his résumé, he covered a wide net in who he played guitar for. The list also includes Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Ian Hunter, Jobriath, John Mayall, the Average White Band, Dusty Springfield, Barbra Streisand, Jackie Wilson, Andy Gibb, the Fritz the Cat soundtrack, Mariah Carey...
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I saw him a few times at a saturday afternoon gig in the Village with Gordon Edwards' Encyclopedia of Soul. (I can't recall the name of the club.) Those were mind-expanding shows.
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His work on Donnie Hathaway's live album is awesome. He plays on the second side that was recorded in NYC. My personal favorite is Voices Inside (Everything is Everything) if that jam doesn't get you going, I just don't know what would.

Wish I could find a good link, but the interwebs are failing me.
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Ugh. I know it's Donny....
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He had a little sign he'd hang on his music stand in the studio that read: "The Hitmaker" in the late 60s or early 70s.
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Some live picking with Stuff.
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This made my day. I love me some Memphis soul.
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Well, it made my day in that "sorrowful happy sort of sad" way, given the subject of the OP.
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