Dubai before the boom
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Once upon a time in Dubai — Gallery of vintage photos showing Dubai as it once was
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This is pretty cool. I was in the U.A.E. last month and while most of Dubai obviously no longer looks like this, sometimes when you get away from the cost in the other Emirates you get a glimpse of this past.
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You can actually still see scenes like this in Dubai today. Especially over where the souqs are. The river is still lined with boats being loaded with loose goods by hand, and you can take a little ferry boat across the river for a quarter or so. New Dubia didn't really build on top of old Dubai, it just built elsewhere, so there is still a dusty old part to explore.
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I like the guy with the hawk; it's a great picture. I also like the way the camels in the first picture look like they are trying to work the camera for some added glamor. Camels -- spitty and spiteful, but they do know how to mug for the lens!
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I'll just drop this Thesiger collection highlights here, shall I
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I have never been to the UAE, and I have no burning desire (one person being forced to leave the country was enough, but less several) but I saw a documentary on Dubai this week, and these are the cherry on that icy topping.
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