Rock and Roll and Puppetry
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I went to the PUNCH Puppet Slam in NYC last month and saw several music videos that feature fancy puppetry. I wanted to share them with you: "I'll Forget You" by Lior; "Hallways" by Islands; "Small Hands" by Keaton Henson.

I was there because a (puppet) video of my own was in the program, but GUESS WHAT, ain't linking it.
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I really really like this. The Lior video is just awesome. Thanks for posting it!
posted by broadway bill at 8:24 PM on May 9, 2012

I love the Islands video, thank you! Any song with some handclaps gets my vote automatically, but skeletons handclapping? Even better!

And thank you for the intro to Keaton Henson too. Lovely song, great video.
posted by pymsical at 8:28 PM on May 9, 2012

damehex, maybe you could put the link to your own piece in your profile. I for one would love to see it!
posted by palmcorder_yajna at 9:44 PM on May 9, 2012

Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed watching the videos, especially the video by the great band Islands.

Seconding palmcorder, I'd love to see your own piece linked in your profile. I hope you had a wonderful time at the PUNCH Puppet Slam!
posted by livinglearning at 10:43 PM on May 9, 2012

Oh! But that video for Small Hands was a sad one.

Puppet Slam is a neat concept that deserves greater audience. Thanks for raising awareness of it.
posted by Graygorey at 11:57 PM on May 9, 2012

I am a little sad that punch's website is not very well maintained.
posted by damehex at 1:38 AM on May 10, 2012

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