7 Hungry Hippos were harmed during the making of the film.
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In the official video for "Get By" by Delta Heavy, animator Ian Robertson found new ways to 'play' with some familiar games (scroll down for entertaining Production Notes). Robertson's previous works include the stop-motion "Lyrical Spread" and "A Beard Film" and the live-action "The Phone Box".
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While the track itself did little for me, I really did enjoy the "Get By" video (despite a slow start.) In retrospect, it is quite interesting how "pixelated" games were (and still are), even when they weren't video games.
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Didn't want to say it on the front page, but I agree the video is better than the audio. So enjoy with sound off!
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The animation reminded me of PES, and that is good.
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Man. Just looking at that made me tired. All those setups... all that keeping track of all that stuff.
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Cutting the Rubik's Cube was pretty funny. I 80's lol'd
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