Game over, man! Game over!
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Game Over for the Climate (nytimes)
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Single-link op-eds are not usually great FPP material, and this one isn't really rising above. -- restless_nomad

posted by limeonaire at 11:41 AM on May 12, 2012

This isn't particularly informative or interesting. It boils down to, "CO2=bad" I don't see how it merits posting.
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Well, that's depressing. Not news, though, if you've at all been paying attention.
posted by gauche at 11:45 AM on May 12, 2012

"We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap." - Kurt Vonnegut
posted by Roentgen at 11:46 AM on May 12, 2012

This is a plan that can unify conservatives and liberals, environmentalists and business.

Well, not really. I mean, whether or not you think Hansen's policy idea would work, he's not going to get any traction on it with people who actively disagree with the science. (Or, just, you know, with science itself.)
posted by brennen at 11:47 AM on May 12, 2012

I like the moon base idea. I've been making my kids watch The Right Stuff repeatedly to prepare them.
posted by Brocktoon at 11:50 AM on May 12, 2012

I gather solar-powered CO2 scrubbers are not going to work.
posted by maxwelton at 11:52 AM on May 12, 2012

Obviously a shill for US oil interests. Tomorrow, Obama will announce we're invading Canada.
posted by ZenMasterThis at 11:53 AM on May 12, 2012

On a global scale I'm onside with this stuff. On a local scale I think the tar sands are a travesty. However:
Canada’s tar sands, deposits of sand saturated with bitumen, contain twice the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by global oil use in our entire history.
Pure hyperbole.

Anyway, it got me thinking of an old post: Planetary Maintenance Engineer. The link is broken, so here is the original piece.
posted by Chuckles at 11:53 AM on May 12, 2012

May I have another planet, please? I promise to be good!
posted by seanmpuckett at 11:57 AM on May 12, 2012

Report: Global Warming May Be Irreversible By 2006

--The Onion, Dec. 5, 2011
posted by Rhaomi at 11:59 AM on May 12, 2012

Tomorrow, Obama will announce we're invading Canada.

*quietly hordes bottle caps*
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