"There is no such thing on earth as an uninteresting subject; the only thing that can exist is an uninterested person." G.K. Chesterton
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Want a bestseller? Write about Henry or Hitler… [Guardian.co.uk] From Tudor England to the Third Reich, history's megalomaniacs continue to make great literary fodder.
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TUDORS: is a new pub grub chain where the barmaid drees in elizabethan carb, except with a fuckload of cleavage.
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elizabethan carb

They did eat an awful lot of bread....
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"a new pub grub chain where the barmaid drees in elizabethan carb"

What, like potatoes, turnips, or swedes - that sort of thing?
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I thought Elizabeathan garb WAS all cleavage - squished at the front, popping out on top.
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I bring you, ""Works of Fiction With Really Stupid Titles Involving The National Socialist Government of Germany 1933-1945" by James Wallis, from the delighful gathering at Interesting North 2010 in Sheffield (vimeo, flickr).
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Herr Rauchbier had finally thrown the switch on the five-year project assigned to him by President Göring himself. By January of 1945, they had finally gathered all the necessary historical relics to concentrate the laylines running through the center of Welthauptstadt. Now in February, with the Führer standing by the controls, the capacitors took on load and batteries discharged, and a white and purple plasma shot from the point of the Spear of Destiny into the inky blackness of the underground chamber and split into two columns.

As the portal on the left slowly opened, the apparent newness of the tapestry on the other side surprised Rauchbier, but his surprise could not compare to the shock of the man standing in front of it. The rotund, thickly dressed king alone in his room cried, "Monks! Monks! Monks!" as the robed Frauleibermensch swept through and pulled him to the other side.

"Mein Führer! There isn't much time!", Rauchbier could see the voltage decreasing by the second. The room's gaze turned upon the foreign sight in the right column. A darkened alley between buildings that opened on a riot of nighttime color with electric paintings across the sides of towering buildings. Rivers of yellow automobiles, and two-story multipassenger buses with people riding on top. Henry was paralyzed by shock, so Adolf firmly grabbed his arm and dived through the right portal. Both columns slammed shut with a loud electrostatic crack and Rauchbier fell back into the chair behind the control panel.
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Um. I love me some Tudor England historical fiction, but part of the draw of that (to me) is the very fascinating role women played, from Margaret Beaufort to Queen Elizabeth. And if you look at the media that have come out of the books -- "The Other Boleyn Girl", "The Tudors", "Elizabeth", it's all about the romantic drama, not the megalomania.

Hitler? What a fucker. Not interested.

I'm very surprised anyone is combining Henry VIII and Hitler in analysis of people's interest in historical fiction. I think the two audiences are very different, and very little of the fascination with Tudor England has to do strictly with Henry's power.
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Poor Eva.
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This is old news. Way back in the 70's WHSmiths (a bookseller and stationer that sells all kinds of other stuff nowadays) released a list of the best selling categories of its books. The now deceased comedy writer Alan Coren wrote a book based on it:

Golfing for Cats. (check out the cover though...)
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This is both cause and effect of the way history is taught in British schools, where 'Nazis and Tudors' are, notoriously, the only two subjects that most A-Level History students ever learn.
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Pardon me for being a vulgarian American here, but wouldn't the lack of British interest with the period between the Tudors and Hitler have a little do with a certain little colony during the reign of George III who KICKED YOUR ASS!! USA! USA! USA!

Sorry, I just had to do that. Carry on.
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