Matt Andersen
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"I Play the Fool for You", by Matt Andersen.

Bonus: Cover of "Ain't No Sunshine".
Extra bonus: "So Gone Now".
Auxiliary emergency backup bonus: Cover of "I'm on Fire"
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This guy is amazing. Every time he comes through our town he gets a bigger venue and every time he sells out. This summer he'll be playing for 1,600, which is huge for our town of 8,300.
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George Carlin had ruined my blues appreciation.
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I misread this as "I Pity The Fool For You" and was saddened to find it wasn't Mr. T singing a heartfelt love song.
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That is some good playing, and one handsome guitar.
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Love this guy. I've never gone out of my way to see him but he's been on the bill at a few festivals I've been to and his shows were always a treat to listen to.
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Saw Matt perform with Vinyl Cafe Christmas live show. He sang O Holy Night and I got full body shivers. It was one of the most amazing things I had ever heard. I know there's a version of it on youtube, but it doesn't do him justice.
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