These Things Happened
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"In the space of My Darkest Year, in no particular order, these things happened. My younger son died. My marriage ended. A rabbi and renowned jazz musician whom I’d only met once performed my son’s funeral. People applauded. I fell in love with a blond poet suffering from PTSD. It didn’t work out. My divorce was granted. The only Jewish funeral director in town admitted to me, unbidden, that her life’s passion is improv comedy. My ex-husband threatened my boyfriend’s balls via Facebook. I fled—and sold—my dream house. My older son lost his first tooth and entered kindergarten. I performed stand-up comedy. People applauded. I fell in love again. I realized I’m not afraid of anything." Michelle Mirsky's column No Fear of Flying: Kamikaze Missions in Sex, Death, and Comedy won the 2011 McSweeney's Column Contest. It's funny, aching, gutsy, and heartwrenching.
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This is completely excellent. Her writing reminds me of Michael Chabon's prose in the best way. Thank you for the post, sixswitch.
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The first piece is incredibly moving, I'm going to wait a while before carrying on with the rest of her work. Thanks sixswitch.
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It looks like I am going to have save this for after the whistle, or no work will get done this morning....thank you for the post
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One day in the winter, after Lev died, Joss built a pillow fort around me in my bed when I couldn’t stop crying.
The whole thing is gut-wrenching and beautifully-written, but for some reason, this is the bit that got to me the most...
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Read through all of these this morning. Absolutely fantastic, thank you for posting.
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Oh my goodness. I'm sitting here, 13 weeks pregnant, just bawling my eyes out.

This is gorgeously written but I must stop reading this or I will accomplish nothing today, let alone this week.
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Wow, really beautiful and heartbreaking...I need some sort of warning when I'm going to end up crying at my desk.
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Can I just say McSweeney's columns have generally been pretty amazing lately? After having kind of forogttenabout the site for a while, I've been reading The Chorus Boy Chronicles and The Long Walk and they are also illuminating.
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Ouch. Powerful piece of writing. The deadpan delivery somehow makes it more so.
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I just came through a really rough 4 years myself, and right when I'm starting to finally get up on my feet again, the first setback I took on came back to add one last little sucker-punch to my self confidence yesterday. (Actually, it was a different way of "losing" a child - the news that the one person I ever wanted to have children with is going to be a father sometime this year, four years after dumping me. It was long over, but this was one final underline to that chapter being forever closed.)

Reading these columns have done much to swing my attitude from "boo hoo" to "fuck THIS." Thank you.
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