The Singularity, ruined by lawyers
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Welcome To Life is a (very) short film by Tom Scott.
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If one of those 57,384 pieces of copyrighted music being deleted is "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae, I can get behind this.
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Reminds me of Dave Langford's 'New Hope For The Dead'
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I'd sign it, but I'd need a lawyer to look at the Agreement I signed when I was born. That agreement and this one are shockingly similar, and I'd need an expert in Contract Law to sort it all out.

I'd hate to spend the remainder of my time in Life in contract disputes.

(I would also welcome the deletion of any and all things relating to Dave Matthews.)
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This is (hjh asd8y 8d 23 8 uehuh 8 77&&&_ GOOD
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Those arbitrary changes to the consciousnesses of the (dead) person kind of negate the idea that the person has any choice in what they purchase. So if you're rewiring the person anyway, why bother with the budget, ad-supported plan -- why not just make the digitized consciousness (who somehow has access to their bank account) choose to give you all their money directly?

I guess that's kind of what happens to living consumers already. Creepy.
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For such a simple presentation, that was actually terrifying.
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Boring EULA. Blah blah blah. Think about the desired button to continue.

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I guess I gotta enjoy all these copyrighted materials in my brain right now!!

That was haunting!
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Douglas Adams would be proud.

thank you!
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Yep, that's pretty much how i figured it'll happen. An afterlife created by lawyers can only ever be hell.
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I was just about to post this.

Brave new world we're building for ourselves.
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This is like...Resurrection from Battlestar Galactica gone wrong.
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