"To get quality you need to give photographers time to explore their craft."
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"Rouleur is to bike magazines what National Geographic is to nature photography." Wired takes a look at a British cycling publication that puts an emphasis on quality photojournalism.
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My brother and his mates were profiled in one of these, and he has a bunch lying around . The thing that I like about it, is that it often features people who like to ride for the sake of riding, rather than stars and expensive techno-wank. The photos are good too.
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Here's the view-all for the photo spread.
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I hope this becomes a larger trend. My old photography teacher knew a bunch of F-1 photographers and said that they always had these beautiful photos lying around that never got used for anything because they weren't winners on the podiums, crashes, or finish lines.
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Here is their website; good stuff. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Not sure how I feel about this magazine, yes the photojournalism is very good but isn't it essentially an advertorial publication for the gorgeous but ridiculous luxury cycling company Rapha? (why yes, I do think £120 is an entirely reasonable price to pay for a pair of cycling gloves). I have a hard time taking its take on the Tour of Rwanda seriously given that provenance.

Google says it used to be entirely marketing but is now nominally independent (though still majority owned by them). I guess it is a clever business move for a company based around selling the romance of cycling to market the romance of cycling though...
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Are there other bicycle magazines besides Bicycle Quarterly?
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Hmm. This looks like an awesome publication, maybe I'll check out a subscription.

mfw $160 for eight issues.
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bgribble -- you can also check out: Boneshaker. It's less precious and little more diverse in opinion than Bicycle Quarterly. Nothing against Jan. I think his editorial voice is a good one to have in the industry, but there are other tones of voices to be heard as well.
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Also: The Ride Journal, and it's not nessarily cycling specific, but Wend frequently has interesting/extreme bike touring stories on top of other tales of adventure.
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bl1nk: thanks so much for linking to Wend. I had not seen it, and it's right up my alley. Checking it out now and I love what I am seeing!

Also, say what you will about Rapha and their pricing, but they make a really really nice (and comfortable) small canvas shoulder bag. My mom's wife got me one for my birthday 3 years ago, and I love it. No idea what it cost, but man is it nice.
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So, the Giro stage finish from tomorrow will be featured next issue then?
(Must see video, seriously)
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An American magazine with some similarites (as far as I can tell) is Paved (don't judge the magazine by the website, though). I was in awe of the aerial shots of the Tour Down Under in the current issue.
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