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Galleries of old photographs of camels in America, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, China, Mongolia and India, in war | camel breeds | How the Camel Got His Hump from Camel Tales, Folklore & Legends| baby camels and lots more at this one stop site all about Camels. Previously.
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I love camels! I have been drinking camel milk two weeks now to help with my IBS problem. It's helped greatly!
Camels get so much dis, but they made life possible in places where otherwise people could not live.
I wish I could keep a few camels.
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That... is an awful lot of camels. Looking at these photos, I realize that a) camels have really stupid expressions on their faces but b) make up for it with gorgeous eyes. Oh camels, you are a contradiction!
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This site is relevant to many interests I didn't know I had, such as Camel Classified Ads and BABY CAMELS.

But I didn't see any photos from the Historic America section, as great as it is, of America's own U.S. Camel Corps! Wikipedia includes this tantalizing note: "Feral camels continued to be sighted in the Southwest through the early 1900s, with the last reported sighting in 1941 near Douglas, Texas." Imagine what could have been! Camels in New York! Camels roaming with antelope! Damn the camels, full speed ahead!
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We had a few here in B.C., during the Cariboo gold-rush. It didn't work out too well.
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Where'd you get that camel milk?

I looked for some about three years ago, and the only thing I could find had been preserved by smoking it like it was a ham.
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My favorite picture of camels is the National Geographic camel shadow picture, which is so amazing that Snopes had to confirm that it was real.
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Well, that website is weirdly riveting. If I look at camels for too long, I start getting this nagging feeling that they're from another planet. Or I am.
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We had a few here in B.C., during the Cariboo gold-rush. It didn't work out too well.

They loved Australia, though. Afghan cameleers in Australia:
In 2007, the estimated feral camel population of Australia was around 1 000 000, approximately half of which were in Western Australia.
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Indeed, my understanding is that Australia now has the largest and healthiest wild camel population anywhere in the world. This of course causes ecological damage. I thought that they were all dromedaries but Wikipedia tells me that there are bactrians too.
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Oasis Camel Dairy has freeze dried camel milk.

Whatever you do, Do. Not. Go to Miracle Milk dot Au. I have yet to receive my order! :(.

If you live in Michigan, there's a herd-share program.

Uh what is this smoke camel milk of which you speak? Could it have been smoked camel meat? I would not mind trying some!
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Elaborate camel
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most 'scruciatingly charmin'
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This camel seems a tad confused.
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Oh gawd, thanks for the belly laugh PareidoliaticBoy! First one of the day. *wipes tears. So funny!
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Gives new meaning to the word "hump."

Anywaze, thanks for the usual stellar post, Nicky; and thanks also Zamboni, for the absolutely fascinating Aussie camel and camaleer history.
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It was that Bikaner camel art that sent me on a camel frenzy. So cool homunculus!
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